Directed by David Gębski

Music by Glaufx Garland

Premiered November 18, 2019 at KØPI137

During my stay in Athens for the release party of the fourth issue of Essential Modernities during the winter of 2019 I felt a deep connection with the city and a desire to share this experience with the world.

I had visited Athens before, at the opening of Documenta 14 in 2017, and when I was going home I felt sorry I couldn't stay longer and wished to visit the city again. Two years later, when I did, it was as if I saw the true face of Athens that she had hidden under the 'πρόσωπον' she wore during the 'τραγῳδία' titled Documenta. Never before had I been in a city of such eternal beauty that at the same time gave me the feeling that immortality is truly unobtainable.

It is the beauty and the tragedy that me and Faye have tried to capture when we were strolling through the ruins of the living dead city, resulting in a special edition of Essential Modernities and this video accompanying it.

Watch the full video below: