Essential Modernities

everything you see and read here is the truth, just not the only truth

On September 14 we will commence the release of Essential Modernities 6. Be there, or be a hexagon!

On the edge of the center of the city, literally underground, at Spinozastraat 2 on 14:00 (2:00 PM) we’ll start the release party of Essential Modernities 6 and continue throughout the day. It is the first time Amsterdam will be providing our shelter. In this city space is an almost unobtainable luxury and it would not have been possible without gallery, atelier and meeting point: De Doos. I’d like to explicitly thank the lovely people of the tunnel squat who are maintaining it; places and people like this are really unique and an essential part of any city (more info on them on

You are an essential part too as you will be responsible for what is going to be in this new publication! I’d like to invite you to participate in a chill day of fun and artistic expression! Feel free to bring your practice to the floor and I’m sure you'll meet new people or find new things that will inspire you to continue your art, in any medium or way you like.

See you there!